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Group 5 is an animated web series on Youtube created by animator Nick Dante. It features five teenagers in middle school: Zachery, Mike, Liza, Diana and Jeffery as each of them go through absurd conflicts. So far, Group 5 has only 2 pilot episodes(Zachery and Mike) and 3 others that are schedule individually throughout 2015. The current one for Liza was scheduled to be premiered in April.

On July 2015 in Nick Dante's Twitter,  he explained that "due to being ill, Group 5- LIZA is miles too far out of completion to be released in April" and it was announced as TBA. There have been no new updates since then.. but fans continue to support the show's upcoming episode.

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Cast Members
Nicholas Dante - Tahir Rogers - Vannamelon - Meg Zhukov - Shippiddge-

AnimatedJames - Cubixfails - Spoonychan -

Zachery - Mike - Liza - Diana - Jeffrey

Thursday - Spike - Little Timmy -

Pilot Episodes
Pen - Zachery (episode) - Mike (episode) - Liza (episode)

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